Equal Student Exchange (ESE)

Equal Student Exchange (ESE)


Another equity-based student network which shares the vision of MITRA is Equal Student Exchange (ESE). As both an affiliation and partner of MITRA, ESE works to share information about study and scholarship opportunities with students from developing countries. ESE in particular, hopes that this form of information sharing will reach student communities from the most disadvantaged areas and backgrounds.

This mission is particularly relevant to the students and wider communities of Eastern Indonesia. ESE plans to work with MITRA in order to share more information and create more opportunities with these student communities from Eastern Indonesia and other disadvantaged parts of developing countries.


Equal Student Exchange (ESE)
ESE is a network made up of students who want to help make student exchange a more equal process. ESE aims to do this by assisting students from developing countries gain access to information about study and scholarship opportunities overseas.

Issues and Challenges
It is often very difficult for students from developing countries to gain access to travel/study/exchange programs overseas, mainly because of the financial costs and a lack of information. Disparities in exchange rates, purchasing power, language requirements and other forms of structural inequality all represent obstacles to students from developing countries.
Information provider
ESE primarily acts as an information provider. Through delivering up to date information about overseas study programs and scholarship ESE hopes to assist students from developing countries overcome the obstacles which prevent them from studying overseas. By providing this kind of information, ESE also puts students who are interested, in contact with organisations who can sponsor them or provide scholarships for their study.
What kind of information?
ESE provides free information and advice for students who want to join study/vocational programs overseas.  This may include advice about:

  • International Universities
  • Scholarships
  • Study abroad programs
  • Student exchange
  • Costs and fees (travel/living/study)
  • Possible support through scholarships and grants
  • General tourism information
  • Programs and conferences overseas
  • Short/summer courses
  • Other study overseas opportunities

Benefits and Opportunities
This is an opportunity to bring local and international students together, make new friends and give students from developing countries the same opportunities that are enjoyed by students from developed countries. The group also encourages international students to contribute back to the university and communities which host them.


Learn more
You can find more information about us and exchange programs through social media. Most of our network shares information through our Equal Student Exchange (ESE) blog page and our community page (facebook), as well as networks within Linkedin and Twitter. There are also various country groups which you can join to meet members and gain access to advice about current student exchange programs, scholarships, grants, events and other programs.


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