BEYOND (Be A Young Hero On Disasters) ASEAN 2015

By : Emiati Lomi Wadu

Be Informed… Be Empowered….. Be Beyond!!!


BEYOND (Be a Young Hero On Disasters) ASEAN 2015 is an event aiming to develop a community of ASEAN youths empowered to launch bottom-up, grassroots initiatives for disaster prevention and mitigation. Funded by the US State Department, BEYOND ASEAN is a regional project that took place in Bandung, Indonesia and Manila in the Philippines in June 2015. These two events enabled youths coming from these two countries and other ASEAN countries to participate in hackathon-type events, receive mentorship from youth leaders and engage with established institutions to launch ground-up initiatives to advance disaster preparedness. Luckily, out of more than 800 applicants and a very highly competitive selection, MITRA (Mahasiswa Indonesia Timur Relasi Asing) Association had its representatives, Emiati Lomi Wadu a.k.a. Memix (The coordinator of MITRA Kincir Angin Program) and Ricardus Williams Djee Wau a.k.a. Richard (The Co-President of MITRA Universitas Nusa Cendana) to join the event in Bandung along with another 38 participants from June 5th – June 7th.

Friday, June 7th

BEYOND ASEAN 2015 was commenced at Bale Rumawat, Padjajaran University Bandung with the agenda of international seminar, panel discussion, plenary talk, and youth talk. The international seminar began with presentation and speech from some keynote speakers from USAID of US Foreign Disaster Assistance, Mr. Harlan Hale, followed by Mr. Danny Hilman from LIPI (Indonesian In, Mr Janggam Adityawarman from AHA Centre, and Mr. Purwoko Adi Nugroho from Japan Foundation. The international seminar discussed about the roles of international organizations as well as international governmental bodies in tackling down the problems of disasters and developing disaster mitigation in Indonesia. Then the plenary talk went on with some speakers i.e. Mr. Asep Iqbal from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Mr.  Agung Riyadi from Info Bencana Media Center, proceeded by Mr. Irwan Meilano, an earthquake mitigation expert of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). During the next session, Youth Talk, 3 inspiring young Indonesian people were present to share their insightful experience dealing with disaster. Sabrina Anggraini from Gajah Mada University (UGM) Jogjakarta was the first to present her innovative application called Quick Disasters which she developed using Google Glass. Together with her team from UGM, they won the ‘Code of Resilience’ competition held by World Bank as the Global Winner/Overall Winner in London 2014. The second speaker was Larasati, the awardee of HANDs Project program in 2014 who shared her experience visiting some Asian countries to learn about disaster management and mitigation. The last speaker was Dhaniar Meuthia Rani, the victim of Tsunami Aceh, sharing her insights about Aceh’s post disaster management.

Saturday, June 6th

On the second day, all of the delegates had a field trip to Earthquake Monitoring Station at Mount Batu, Langensari Lembang and Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Subang. The field trip aimed to equip the delegates with adequate understanding on how to detect disasters symptoms and disaster-vulnerable areas as the delegates themselves were accompanied by Mr. Dicky Muslim from Geological Engineering Faculty of Padjajaran University Bandung. Besides enjoying the vista of Bandung city from the top of Mount Batu, the delegates could see the 22 kms tectonic faults/fractures. The field trip ended at Mount Tangkuban Perahu, where the delegates tried to detect the eruption symptoms of active volcano. After the field trip, the delegates had to work within their groups to design a project related to disaster preparedness, mitigation, and management. With the total of 8 groups, all the delegates had a fruitful discussion with the project leader of BEYOND ASEAN Indonesia, Mohammad Yusuf and project leader BEYOND ASEAN Philippines, Christian James Nazareth on how to make a good project. MITRA representatives themselves were in different groups. Memix was in the 5th group with ‘Earthquake in Bandung’ project while Richard was in the 7th group with ‘Disaster Creative Mapping & Education (DCME)’ project. The whole activities of the day ended with every group presenting their project design to the judges. Out of 8 project designs, 3 best projects would be selected to receive US$300 from Young South East Asian Leaders Initiatives (YSEALI) and would be announced in the closing ceremony.

Monday, June 7th

On the last day of the event, the grantee projects were announced by BEYOND ASEAN 2015 project leader in the closing ceremony. The lucky groups to get the funding and receive the grant from YSEALI were 1) Disaster Creative Mapping and Education (DCME). 2) Ketoprak Ongkek, and 3) #DisasterWhatever.


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