Timor Inspiring Visit to Share in West Fatuleu August 2015

By : Claudya A. Dhaja


MITRA friends participated in KITONG event

Three-days experience in West Fatuleu with friends from different communities of young people in the city of Kupang gave me another different shades. It was from 31st August – 2nd September 2015, left the city with all the activities and visited the village, without electricity, without mobile phone signal, catched an open cab truck, enjoyed the rocky and dusty roads and a good scenery of sunrise from the top of Nuataus hill. I was offline for 3 days which was really good, an intermission from online.


About to go to school

The event was initiated by a local NGO in the city of Kupang, the IMUT Motorcycle gang, and about 60 volunteers represented dozens of youth communities, those are SM3T (Sarjana Mendidik di daerah Terdepan, Terluar dan Tertinggal) Kecamatan Fatuleu Barat, HIPPA FATBAR (Himpunan Pemuda Pelajar Asal Fatuleu Barat), KNPI Kota Kupang, KoAR (Komunitas Akar Rumput) NTT, Sekolah MUSA (Sekolah Multimedia Untuk Semua), Geng Motor IMUT (Inovasi Mobilisasi Untuk Transformasi), Serikat Persaudaraan Guru (SPG),  #KupangBagarak, Komunitas Guru Lentera, Forum Soe Peduli (FSP), Persani NTT, KOMPAK (Komunitas Peace Maker Kupang), Forum Muda Tenggara, Komunitas MITRA (Mahasiswa Indonesia Timur Relasi Asing) and HipHop Kupang.


A pose together before leaving Kupang

We arrived there in the afternoon. They gave us a very warm welcome with a traditional dance, traditional music and the poem. It was so good and touching. We continued with snack and dinner. Local snacks were on the transient dining room made by some woods and leaves which was very natural. They served us a very scrumptious welcome dinner.


Traditional dance with traditional music.


A trancient dining room.

The next morning we had a breakfast together with all the volunteers before heading to each school. I was given a chance to share with the students in SMA N 1 Fatuleu Barat which is about 4 kilometer from my lodging. After teaching we went back to the village office and there were the regent of Kupang regency and the board. We had a big discussion among the government and the people and also the local NGOs. As a rule, tasteful lunch and dinner always well- served in the dining room.


SMAN1 Fatuleu Barat volunteers, teachers and the government

i was

After Sharing Session with the Senior High School Students

i 2

I was trying to lead the discussion

In the afternoon, there was a brief presentation and simulation about what is Biogas and how to use it. Biogas is produced through the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, which is referred to as anaerobic digestion. The whole process works like a big concrete stomach would:  Organic materials like manure, food scraps, crop residue, or wastewater sludge (known as feedstock) are fed into the digester, where it’s heated to 38-40 degrees Celsius (temperature of a cow’s stomach) and stirred for 30-60 days, slowly producing a combination of methane, carbon dioxide and other gases (known as biogas). The biogas can then be used for power generation, heating and cooling needs or piped into the natural gas grid.Once biogas production is complete, the waste has transformed into a high-quality fertilizer (called digestate). Once it is removed from the digester, the process starts all over again. (Source : http://www.regeneratebiogas.com/what-is-biogas/)

Not only the community there but I was also amazed with what the IMUT motor gang has done there. They encourage the community to try the Biogas instead of woods as it gives many benefits especially in the rainy season and in coincidence they breed cows but hadn’t known how to utilize the feces beside as a fertilizer.


Presentation and simulation about Biogas


Q&A after presentation and simulation about Biogas

After having discussions, presentations and simulations, some friends had the chance in groups to hunt places and hills before heading back to Kupang. I went with some friends, climbed the Nuataus Hill in a very early morning at 4 am and arrived in the hill at 6 am where the sun was about to rice and present a good scenery to be captured. I belief that what we have done there has left something in their mind and heart and I am looking forward to continue sharing in another chance.


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