Taking a Part in Bahasa Indonesia Bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) Program 2015

By : Stevanus Parera

BIPA is an annual event held at the University of Nusa Cendana. This activity is teaching and learning activities of the Indonesian and Indonesian culture followed by students abroad, ie Australia. This activity is intended for students from abroad especially Australia can learn and understand about Indonesia deeper. This is because the students are taking the study of Asia and they are required should know one of the languages in Asia. This activity involves lecturers who are as teachers, and also involves students from the MITRA (Eastern Indonesian Stdents Foreign Relations Society). The students became volunteers who are ready to help students from Australia if they have difficulty in learning Indonesian. It is helping students from Australia.

BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia Penutur Asing) Program 2015 held by Nusa Cendana University take place in Bioscience building, 28th June – 17th July 2015. The participant are students from universities in Australia, such as Charles Darwin University, University of Sunshine Coast, University of Queensland, Flinders University, and University of Tasmania. They come to Kupang to study Bahasa Indonesia and the culture. Not only class activity but also field trip to interesting places in the city, like Museum, Pasar Kasih, Rumah Tenun Ikat Ina Ndao, Gua Monyet, Kelapa 1 beach and some other places. They also helped by students from MITRA as the native speaker. There are so many benefits gained after joining the program. For Australian students, they can learn and know about the language and culture of Indonesia in detail. while for students from Undana which to volunteer, they can increase the ability of the English language and also be able to know the lives of people in Australia.


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