A Journey in Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 7

klBy Albert Christian, MITRA UNDANA President 2015

After 6 months of joining Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI), the days had come for the last forum on October 31st – November 1st, 2015 in Jakarta. In this forum, my BLP team which is Juara Skincare presented our 2 months of working to the others team and to the JUARA people. The presentations itself were going good and the company really appreciated our works and each of us received a little present from them. Besides the BLP presentations, in this forum, there were also some amazing panellists such as, Mr. Haryanto Budiman, Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Indonesia, Mr. Aldi Haryopratomo, Founder and CEO of RUMA, and Mr. Ananda Siregar, Coordinator of Turun Tangan sharing their stories and leadership experiences. Not just that, we also divided into 3 groups where we can privately discussed with those amazing people. I was in the group with Mr. Ananda Siregar, Coordinator of Turun Tangan. Through this session, I can ask more about what is Turun Tangan, and what are Turun Tangan doing and etc. Based on the discussion, I found that Turun Tangan is an organisation founded by Mr. Anies Baswedan focusing in Education. Turun Tangan has about 40.000 volunteers across Indonesia to execute different projects related to Education.

The other session in this forum and probably the most interesting session was Opportunity Gallery Walk where we walked around booths to hear the presentations from some biggest companies in Indonesia such as, Mc.Kinsey & Co, Pertamina, General Electric (GE),Sinarmas, Microsoft, RUMA and etc. In this session, each companies offer to us some useful opportunities such as, work opportunities and Internship & Scholarships programs.

At the night, we travelled by bus to a near restaurant in Kemang to celebrate Halloween and where we had to dress us with creepy costumes and also there was a lip-sync competition where each team had to come out with creative ideas to be presented. I think everybody was enjoyed that night.

Finally, the graduation ceremony had come. We began the ceremony with a reflection session to remember what we have achieved so far and be a better person in the future. The foundation gave each of participants a jacket and we took a graduation photo. Time for each of us to say goodbye but it’s not the end. It is just a beginning of many amazing things that will be achieved as future leaders to unleashing Indonesia.