The First CAUSINDY Kupang Forum at the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth 2015

Claudya Dhaja – Community Outreach Officer AIYA NTT

The Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) was formed in Kupang in December 2014, initiated by AIYA National, some of the executive team in AIYA NTT and Chris Hall from AIYA New South Wales (NSW).

AIYA NTT is basically a youth community in NTT interested in the bilateral relations between Australia and Indonesia. Some of the members are actively involved in the education and intercultural activities between Australia and Indonesia like the University – Building Relationship through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement (UniBRIDGE) during the last 4 years and the Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) or Indonesian for Foreign Speakers which has been conducted at the University of Nusa Cendana (Undana) for Australian students during the last 2 years. Some of the members and executives of AIYA NTT are alumni of Australia Award.

aiya ntt

AIYA NTT after Soft Launch

Fortunately, this year, the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth or CAUSINDY 2015 which was held in Darwin, held a collaborative event with the AIYA NTT in Kupang in form of a live – stream session in September 22nd, 2015 at 10:00 am Kupang time. That event was initiated by the committee of CAUSINDY 2015, AIYA National and some executives of AIYA NTT which was under the coordination of Albert Soewongsono.

There were 22 participants from Kupang attended that event from the Computer Center Office in Undana. They are members and committees of AIYA NTT, students of UniBRIDGE Undana, members of Asosiasi Mahasiswa Indonesia Timur Relasi Asing (MITRA) or the Eastern Indonesia Students Foreign Relations Society. We also invited Professor Heri Lalel from the International Relation Office Undana as well as Dr. Maria Lobo an Instructor of the English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) Program in NTT which the program is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Embassy, Jakarta (DFAT). Both of them are the alumni of Australia Award and have been in charge of the journey of UniBRIDGE Program between Australia and Indonesia in Undana since 2012.

While in Darwin, there were three panelists who are delegates of CAUSINDY 2015. They are Sally Hill from Australia and Dicky Khaerul Wallad as well as Ida Puspita who come from Indonesia. They spoke from the Charles Darwin University.


Participants in the First CAUSINDY Kupang Forum 2015

The session was run in Indonesian and English. Every panelist shared their experiences about life in Australia and Indonesia. Dicky Khaerul Wallad and Ida Puspita shared their stories during their Master program in Australia, how to manage time wisely, how to make friends and how to handle the culture shock for the first time they arrived in Australia, while Sally Hill shared her story about her love to Indonesia and her Indonesian learning experiences.

In some Q & A session, the three panelists shared tips to apply for scholarships or conference either in regional, national or international level. In my conclusion, good curriculum vitae adjusted to the characteristic of a country has to be considered as one of the conditions required, a strong initiative to learn and practice English for a required TOEFL score and good leadership skills are also two points which support the application.

No time wasted. I could see the participants from Kupang were very happy and proud to practice their English in the Q & A session. The questions were well – wrapped. That live – stream session run for about one and half an hour.


Live – Stream Session

It was an honor for AIYA NTT, UniBRIDGE Undana and the MITRA Association to be able to connect with the CAUSINDY delegates and committees through that session. As part of those three communities above, I would like to appreciate the opportunity and the great experrience we had. After joining that session, I strongly belief there must be a big pretension of every participant to be able to join the CAUSINDY directly and to feel the beat of a prestigious international conference like CAUSINDY one day and I belief many of us have potentials to experience that.

I wish the CAUSINDY Kupang Forum will keep existing anually in the years to come so that there will be more youth in NTT get inspired and motivated to make essential contribution in the cooperation of the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia which mutually beneficial to both countries, now and in the future.

After the forum, we invited Professor Heri and Dr Maria and another recipients of UniBRIDGE Awards to talk about leaderships, opportunities for youth, UniBRDIGE and ELTA to the participants and we opened chances for the participants to give questions. We also gave chance to the selected UniBRIDGE Students Awards in this year to talk about their plan during their visit to Australia.


Dr Maria Lobo talked about UniBRIDGE and ELTA after the Live-Stream Session


Professor Heri talked about Leadership and Opportunities for youth after the Live-Stream Session


Diyanty a recipient of UniBRIDGE Student Award 2015


Rivaldy recipient of UniBRIDGE Student Award 2015


Lilyen a recipient of UniBRIDGE Awards 2014


A pose together after the First CAUSINDY Kupang Forum 2015

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