By : Richard Williams

MITRA Association and AIYA Chapter East Nusa Tenggara successfully held a joint seminar with the theme International Opportunities for Youth .Taking place on Saturday April 2nd 2016 at the University of Nusa Cendana,  14 East Nusa Tenggara youth were brought as the speakers where various information about youth exchange programs, international conferences, leadership programs, internship programs, and youth forums were presented in front of more than 100 attendees who were very enthusiastic to follow the presentation of each panel session. The conducting of this seminar is hoped to give valuable information to all of youth in Eastern Indonesia, the youth of NTT in particular, as the intention is not only to disseminate the information but also to help empowering the youth themselves.

The seminar was opened by Mrs. Yunita Reny Bani Bili Murray on behalf of AIYA NTT and the 3rd vice chancellor of Nusa Cendana University. In her speech, she said that this seminar needs to be highly appreciated as an event like this seminar is still rarely found in East Nusa Tenggara.


Opening Ceremony

The session began with Mrs. Reny Murray and Diyanti Koroh presenting and promoting AIYA NTT and University BRIDGE Project. Following this session was the 2nd panel session of Forum Muda Indonesia, Maks Fioh, BEYOND ASEAN program by YSEALI, Emiati Lomi Wadu,  Medical Student Exchange Program of University of Tasmania alumnae Fivilia Bora, and Asia Pasific Week Conference at the Australian National University by Ananias Bees, the founding president of MITRA Artha Wacana Christian University Kupang. These speakers explained the uniqueness of each program they have joined and they also drew attention on the significance for youth to note that doing follow up activities after joining such programs is the most important thing as the goal of every program presented in this seminar is not only about self-capacity development but more than that, youth as change makers need to give something to the society.


Introducing AIYA NTT


Panel of AIYA and UniBRIDGE

During the 3rd panel session, the presentation from Australia Awards Scholarships and LPDP Scholarships received zestful response from the audience. Ms Leni Amelia Suek and Mr. Selus Fahik delivered fruitful explanation to the audience about the scholarships. They didn’t forget to provide tips and tricks for future applicants. In the meantime, the two leaders of MITRA, Albert and Ria, who were just selected to receive LPDP scholarship were present to share their experience in chasing their dreams during the selection. They didn’t only give overviews about the scholarships but they also pointed at the strengths that the scholarships has and give depiction on how to go through the selection steps.


Panel of Australia Award Scholarship and LPDP Scholarship


Panel of MITRA and YLI


Panel of NTCA – AIPSP, PPAN, Camp EPIC and MUN

The last two sessions continued with the presentation from Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) and MITRA Association. Albert who is a former president of MITRA Undana went through a presentation about how YLI can benefit the youth to be autonomous while Alfanthy Octavianus who represented MITRA presented the association’s vision and mission along with the programs and the advantages gained from the association. Coming up was the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association – Australia-Indonesia Pastoral Student Program where Oemboe Bintang and Ambu Kapuru shared their internship and working experience in Darwin, Australia.

The information about Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara (PPAN) was presented after CAMP EPIC U.S. Embassy information sharing by Ria Seran. PPAN, which is conducted under the authority of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia offers some programs which enables youth across Indonesia to go to different countries. In this session Adren Nenobesi, the alumnus of Indonesia China Youth Exchange Program (ICHYEP) and I myself as the alumnus of Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) explained about the advantages offered by the youth exchange programs we have joined and also other available youth exchange programs such as Indonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP), ASEAN Students Visit India (ASVI), Indonesia Malaysia Youth Exchange Program (IMYEP) and Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). In the very last information session, I also delivered a presentation on Model United Nations (MUN).


Ria Febriany gave her presentation about LPDP Scholarship


Atandees of Joint Seminar

Upon closing the seminar, the head of the committee Steven Parera noted that on behalf of the committee, he hopes that this seminar can help the youth of East Nusa Tenggara to build their confidence and grab the opportunities both in national and international level . This seminar would have never been conducted if not by the funding from Australian Government, Australia Indonesia Institute at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia and Australia Indonesia Center as sponsors, with the cooperation of University of Nusa Cendana and Forum Indonesia muda (FIM) Sasandu as collaborating partners and also all of the hard work from the rest of the committee.

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