Aldi’s Experience Joining Pre-service English Teachers (Camp Epic) 2018

On 6th of November 2017, I applied a 2-week intensive training for pre-service English teachers all over Indonesia and Timor Leste. The program was conducted by Regional English Language Office (RELO) U.S. Embassy Jakarta cooperating with University of Indonesia. A month later, I received a letter of acceptance from the RELO Officer, William Little. Then after the announcement of being the selected student, there was an important form sent to my email needed to be completed for the free air-flight ticket. There was also an information contained in that form that I needed to bring a small package of traditional food for oleh-oleh night and I brought ­“jagung goreng udang and pia sumba”.

On the early January, I received a flight-ticket from embassy and it was necessary for me to print it out and bring it to the airport. However, I tried to make it simple by showing the email from RELO to the airport officer. It was on 8th of January, the very first time I met Jacklin Bunga, another camper that represented East Nusa Tenggara. Well, I cannot deny that I felt a bit nervous because I will meet all the chosen and talented students all over Indonesia and Timor Leste.


Starting the activity of this program, we attended the ceremonial which was similar as the usual ceremony. The different was we needed to state the goals of this camp as we should write what expected results to achieve at the end of the camp. At camp, indeed, I participated actively because I realized that it was my chance to show my ability and ask questions that have been in my head since I entered university. In the end of opening ceremony, we took photos together.


Taking picture with other campers after opening ceremony of intensive training for pre-service English teachers

For your information, we were like quarantined so much like in a real camp. In camp, we learned basic skills of English such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. We learned about a lot of energizer, kind of icebreaking, and teaching and learning fun tips. At the end of each session we needed to make lesson plan. We were divided into groups which consisted of 6 people. Each group should do the micro-teaching once in two days. My group members are Rizaldi, Devi, Juan, Hikmah, and Riva.


The six members after discussion activity

In this program, I met a lot of native speakers that I can talk to and a lot of friends with different backgrounds and experiences I can share with. Another activity we did at the camp was cultural night. In this activity, we were expected to present something that represents our provinces. Thus, I presented a dance called “maju mundur goyang-goyang”. I collaborated with Jacklin and I took position as the leader of this dancing. As we know this dancing is popular, so I asked others to follow me. As the result, everyone fell in love with this kind of dancing, because it was so energetic. Hence, the dancing became the main movement in the shake it off session, which is the session before we started the main activities. At free time, we did swimming, cycling, and others fun activities. Besides those free time activities, we also had competition such as scavenger hunt, counselor championship, and epic grand-finale. One thing for sure about this camp activity, we had good rest even though the schedule was tight.

The day before we go back to our provinces, we visited a school, namely, SMP Khadijah Surabaya. We dealt with the real students there, because when we were in micro teaching, our students were only our own friends and it was quite challenging.


All the campers with the students of SMP Khadijah, Surabaya

On the 20th of January 2018, we went home. To be honest, that was the best program I have ever joined. I miss all the campers, facilitators, counselors, even the camera-men! IT HAS BEEN EPIC!!



One thought on “Aldi’s Experience Joining Pre-service English Teachers (Camp Epic) 2018

  1. You such a great person to become one of the epic campers.. i also hope someday i can be like u . The experience was great too.. u had done it, Pak !

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