MITRA has three main thematic pillars: the program-based pillars described here include both short term actions and long-term impacts.


MITRA International (Opportunities)

  1. Short term – to form teams to support or make international offices within each community or institution’s campus. These teams will make university blogs and websites, organize international seminars, education and culture exhibitions, join ‘Couchsurfing’, share information about opportunities and facilitate other forms of international cooperation.
  2. Long term – to form an international network through facilitating Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), youth exchange programs, participation in international conferences and other international equity opportunities. To create a directory of information, opportunities and mentors willing to support younger generations. To build community-based agents of change in Eastern Indonesia who are both willing and able to shape the region’s future and contribute to global governance discourse.

MITRA International – welcomes delegation from Australia Indonesia Institute supporting the UniBRIDGE program.