Model United Nations


Model United Nations (MUN) involves bringing together participants (delegates) each representing different countries while discussing international issues while following the rules and procedures of the United Nations. Delegates can be involved in a wide range of committees focusing on a wide range of issues. For beginners MUN can be difficult. The fast pace, formal language and the need to engage with deep and complex issues within MUN are combined with a number of other challenges. For some it may be the complex Rules of Procedure (RoP), for others it can be about learning about whole new topics and issues. It may also be the first time participants have had to try to think using the perspective other than their own (country’s perspective). However, these challenges from within MUN are also great learning opportunities. We hope that MITRA members will make the most of these opportunities to learn and build partnerships for a better future for Eastern Indonesia.



MUN represents one of the activities which can potentially be included within the activities of MITRA. This is especially true for the first pillar (language learning) and the second pillar (internationalization). It also can provide an opportunity for MITRA members to learn more about global environmental issues which also supports the third pillar of MITRA. In order for Eastern Indonesia to gain access to MUN information and opportunities it is important that we build MUN Societies and societies within the MITRA framework. This could include forming MUN Societies in each of the 10+ MITRA universities / higher education institutions in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) as well as in the main MITRA universities of Maluku and Papua. It could also involve forming MUN Societies at the province level which are open to all universities. In the early stages, this second option may be more realistic.