Kelas Daring IELTS NTT’s Webinar Series #5: Remote Sensing & Environmental Monitoring – With Florina Stephanie Richard, Master of Science (Research) Candidate from Swinburne University of Technology

We would like to start this article by saying our thanks to everyone who have been following us until this stage. Your supports and keen on learning are essential for us to keep going. Today we had a privilege to … Continue reading

Aldi’s Experience Joining Pre-service English Teachers (Camp Epic) 2018

On 6th of November 2017, I applied a 2-week intensive training for pre-service English teachers all over Indonesia and Timor Leste. The program was conducted by Regional English Language Office (RELO) U.S. Embassy Jakarta cooperating with University of Indonesia. A … Continue reading

Sustainable Development Goals on Asean Youth Initiative Conference 2016 – Nurhildayati’s Story

Asean Youth Initiative Conference (AYIC). This very first conference made by the students of Padjajaran University brought me to go deeply into some issues of ASEAN especially my country, Indonesia. This event was held in UNPAD Training Centre, Bandung for … Continue reading