MITRA aims to contribute towards the wider movement of evening the scales of opportunity between core and peripheral Indonesia. MITRA envisages a lasting association which can support and empower youth, students and others from lower socio-economic backgrounds and provinces.

Greater access to information and opportunities for Eastern Indonesian communities serves as a counterweight to the advantages of the privileged elite of the wealthier provinces in Indonesia.

“A world where communities in Eastern Indonesia have greater access to information and opportunities in order to overcome the challenges of development gaps, historic stigma and structural inequality.”

Through this equity-based movement, MITRA envisions a platform to empower members who display the greatest merit and initiative in contributing to their local communities rather than those who are most well-connected or privileged. This will allow MITRA members and Eastern Indonesia to have more opportunities to reach their full potential.

Future generations from East Indonesia will have a greater sense of voice and a more global orientation into the future. MITRA also hopes to do this by raising the profile of Eastern Indonesian agents of change. This may involve MITRA members from universities and other higher education institutions, research institutions, NGOs, the public and private sector and other actors. This will build the potential of both members and institutions to forge stronger partnerships at both a regional and international level.

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