MITRA Communities

MITRA – Eastern Indonesian Foreign Relations Association

MITRA covers a broad range of communities:

  • The Eastern Indonesian Foreign Relations Association,
  • The Eastern Indonesian Students Foreign Relations Association,
  • The MITRA HIJAU green movement for environmental programs as well as
  • The Melanesia International Relations Association.

Within this vast and diverse group of communities there is a common goal for equity through empowering groups which are geographically and structurally further from more privileged and advantaged parts of Indonesia and Melanesia. However, instead of trying to emulate different communities it is important that these MITRA communities to recognise and support their own unique strengths and forms of resilience.

Through the three pillars of MITRA – Languages, Internationalisation and Environment, MITRA communities are able to access more opportunities and gain more capacity and confidence to become leaders of tomorrow without forgetting where they have come from and the important experience that brings.

The Committee and Community collage below shows just some of the diverse groups found within MITRA: