“Through its three pillars: Language, Internationalization and Environment, MITRA’s mission is to build and share, to act locally and to think and interact globally all for valued change for Eastern Indonesia”


MITRA is a student association with three key purposes:

  1. To build and share – MITRA communities throughout Eastern Indonesia:
    1. Build a stronger sense of community and solidarity within Eastern Indonesia – with a youth oriented approach.
    2. Sharing information – to become a platform for high quality and continuously updated information as well as educational and vocational training materials.
    3. Provide access and channels to opportunities – through sharing information, advice for general members and mentoring for the committee members who have made the most contributions.
  2. To act locally – empowering communities in Eastern Indonesia through the three key pillars:
    1. By facilitating the three program themed pillars of MITRA within Eastern Indonesia.
      1. Languages – (eg. Weekly English Language Clubs, Debating Clubs and MUN Societies)
      2. Internationalization – (eg. Participation in international conferences, programs and events)
  • Environment – (protection, conservation, reforestation, climate-adaptation and education for sustainable development, past programs have included the green schools movement)
  1. To think and interact globally – building partnerships and cooperation at an international level:
    1. With foreign universities through sharing of information
    2. Long term formal MoU agreeements
    3. And at a people-to-people level through cultural, educational and skills exchange programs as well as online interactions with foreign students
    4. Attempt to facilitate exchange programs between East Indonesia and foreign countries.
    5. To welcome and support international students arriving at Eastern Indonesian universities.